Mani Tip Monday: Bottle Care

Ever been stuck in a polish jam and could not for your life unscrew the cap to your polish bottle? Here is a quick and simple tip to prevent this from happening.


After use, wipe down the neck of the polish bottle with a paper towel or cotton ball dipped in acetone or polish remover. So easy, yet it will free you from hours of suffering!

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Mani Tip Monday: Hair Spray & Nail Polish Stain Removal

Mani Tip Monday: sometimes when I paint my nails, i do so while sitting on my bed. Recipe for disaster. A few days ago i smudged a wet nail onto my creme colored comforter. Although I love polish, I don’t want it stained on my bedding. Remembering an old tip I once read somewhere, I quickly reached for a bottle of hair spray. Sounds weird but it did the trick. Wanted to try the experiment with an old sock I found lying around. As you can see, it does a pretty good job of removing the stain, and blue polishes stain pretty badly to begin with.


Basically I sprayed and scrubbed over and over again until I achieved a desired result. Overall took about 7 minutes. What are your stain removal tricks and tips when dealing with polish mishaps?

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Fashion Friday: Essie & WildFox

The weather is beautiful and it is Fashion Friday again. Today’s look is inspired by a fun graphic v-neck T-shirt by the brand WildFox Couture. Love their shirts and love them on my nails even more.


To get this look I first painted my nails with Essie Blanc. It it my go-to white ever since I thinned out the formula with some Seche Vite Restore polish thinner. Two coats, then I waited a few minutes for the color to dry a little. Then with toothpicks and the colors (all Essie) mesmerize, mod squad, and play date I tried my best to recreate the look. The black was done with a nail art pen. Finished with top coat of course. I love this look even though nail art is not my strong point.


Enjoy the summer time, I know my dog Riley definitely is taking advantage of the sun.

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OPI Liquid Sand: Can’t Let Go

I am really loving OPI’s Liquid Sand collection, especially this stunning deep purple called “Can’t Let Go” (two thin coats shown in picture).


It was very easy to work with and although it is gritty and there is no top coat to finish it off, the color still dries sparkly because of the silver hex and round glitter mixed in. I will def put top coat on top of this in a few days to see how it looks that way too. Def loving this texture trend. Are you?

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