Indies Are In

When thinking of Indies, most people not in the nail polish world would think of films. But Indie polishes have been earning their keep in the competitive and profitable nail industry. Many of the big name brands have even been creating polishes to mimic the highly sought after and unique styles of indie creations.

Through instagram I became familiar with a brand called Lush Lacquer. These indie polishes are made by a mother-daughter duo. Their neon glitter polishes were so unique and fun. I am so happy that I now have two of them: Haywire and Clowning around.


here is one coat of haywire over two coats of essie under where? Haywire is a beautiful mix of neon bar and hex glitter in a milky pink base. It has a great formula. With glitters of this type, you have to sort of place it down on the nail.


Here is one coat of clowning around placed at the base of the nail, for a glitter fade effect. Clowning around is a mix of small and large neon hex glitter in a clear base. Love this too. The pink base is a mix of one coat each of cult nails enticing and essie pop art pink.


I love how these polishes remind me of my Lisa Frank days in the nineties (and present day). Excellent formula and excellent customer service. Indies are the way to go.

Follow @lushlacquer on instagram or buy from them at

What Indie brands do you love??

Xx get_nailed__


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