Color War: Deborah Lippmann Shoshanna vs. OPI You’re Such a BudaPest

How many times do we buy a nail polish knowing that we already have a similar one, or four, at home? I do this ALL the time. I had gotten the entire Deborah Lippmann Girls Collection already when I saw the OPI color You’re Such a Budapest. Both were soft purples with almost invisible to the eye silver micro glitter. I bought the OPI anyways.


I had worn both of these colors separately before, assuming they were dead on dupes. I finally decided to do a quick comparison of the two. I used two coats of each and one coat of seche vite top coat.



The results: The DL is slightly darker, so I guess that justifies my reasoning in owning both now, right?? If you have one and not the other, save your money for something else as these are still very similar. If I had to choose one, it would be Shoshanna. Although pricier, the color is a little richer. Formulas for both are equal quality.

Xx get_nailed__


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