Instagram: get_nailed__ (two underscores at the end)
Email: cu627@aol.com

Hi! My name is Corey and I am a soon to be graduate student, Long Islander, and, more importantly, a fellow nail addict. I started with my Instagram account; I post pictures of my daily manicures, tips, product reviews, and inspiration manicures. I decided to create a blog to go along with my Instagram posting.

Feel free to follow me here or on Instagram, or both! I hold contests and giveaways, and always try to keep up with the latest trends in the nail industry.

If you would like me to review/swatch your product, please contact me through my email posted above.

All photographs and information posted here is my own work (unless stated otherwise) and will be watermarked. I work hard to provide accurate information and pictures. If you would like to share a picture I post here please make sure to give credit or ask me for permission (as these are my intellectual property)! Thank you 🙂

Xx get_nailed__


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